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Pay only AED 5,500 for Lasik eye Surgery for both eyes | Get 50% OFF on Dental treatments and 35% Discount on Veneer and Crown

Femto laser cataract eye surgery

The surgery is performed without use of any sharp instruments, controlled by most modern systems resulting in higher accuracy, quicker recovery and more comfort.

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IntraLase® LASIK

No matter how ready you are for life without lenses, the decision to have LASIK is a big on. You want to know for certain that you’re getting the safest, most trusted treatment available.

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SUPRACOR™ - new excimer laser presbyopia procedure*

The procedure is designed for the full refractive treatment range: hyperopia (CE Marked), myopia, post-cataract (Pseudophakic), post LASIK. The procedure provides excellent distance, intermediate and near vision, whilst maintaining a high quality of vision.

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At IESC clinic, we strive to always be on the cutting edge of dental technology and are among the first to introduce new and improved procedures that are designed to enhance our services be providing you with the best dental care possible.

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